Elementary Extravaganza!

Make & Take Opportunities @ North Heights Elementary

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 4pm

2003 North Main Street

Del Rio, TX

This training counts towards your Feb. 15th PD! Certificates will be given.

A Teacher’s Treasure - Literacy Centers K-2

Look no further for a make & take that will provide you with classroom resources on activities for Reading. Get innovative ways to promote student interaction, build on concepts and skills that are hard to grasp, and engage students in fun ways.

Facilitator - Rocio Pena


Course Number - C&ILitCentK-2-012116

Choice Boards - Applying Academic Choice

Join us for some tools and tips to give students Choice in your classroom. Discuss ways to differentiate instruction, manage groups, and build your board.

Facilitator - Maytte Y. Soliz

RM - F101

Course Number - ChoiceBoards - 012116

Indicators for Struggling Readers

A problem learning to read and/or spell should alert teachers. But do we know what indicators we can use to ensure proper documentation for child studies? In this session, get to know ways to better understand and recognize dyslexia tendencies.

Facilitators - Michelle Guajardo & Blanca Escobedo

RM - Teacher's Lounge

Course Number - Dyslexia - 012116

Math Talks - K-1

Talking is relevant in teaching and learning... especially when it requires students to represent, explain, justify and agree or disagree. But in Kinder and 1st, is it possible? Join us to find out how to utilize Math Talks using Ten Frames and Rekenreks.

Facilitator - Grace Westlake

RM - 202

Course Number - Math - 012116

Penmanship - On the Clock

You'll be right on time to learn techniques that improve students' penmanship. Fill your toolkit with ways to improve handwriting at any grade.

Facilitator - Marta Galindo

RM - 209

Course Number - Penmanship - 012116