World Before Humans

5th Block

Why is this Subject Important

Earth before people is a subject that gets neglected, and is rarely talked about in world history classes because it is more thought of as science. Although this is science it is a big part of history too. The history of the earth can tell us why certain things are happening today. Before there were people,there was a different atmosphere, different species, and things that explain why the world is today. Knowing about the past can tell you about what might happen in the future


Earths atmosphere does more than I thought the atmosphere keeps earth from getting peppered with little meteorites and acts as a screen against deadly radiation.

Different Species

There was several different species that could survive in the atmosphere that humans would not be able to live in because there was high C02 and green house gasses that took millions of years to adjust to the way that it is now

How it Effects the World we live in Now

Many things has changed over the years. The world used to be one third of ice. and earth quakes over the years has made the super continent move further and further apart each year and is still continuing to move further apart.

Why this should be added in World History Classes

I think that this should be added in world history classes because all of these things ca help historians understand why things are the way they are and why certain things happened in history.