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My Overall Thoughts of Motherhood

Novel Presentation - Fly Away Home

For our novel presentation, I chose the book "Fly Away Home," written by Jennifer Weiner. This book showed what "matured motherhood" really is. The novel is about a mother and her two adult daughters reconnecting during family turmoil. This novel taught me that when connections are broken at an early age, it makes it that much more difficult for a new connection to begin. If I ever become a mother, I know how crucial it is to put their happiness and lives before my own.
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Mothers in Film

For our Mothers in Film project I very blindly chose the movie Mamma Mia, starring Meryl Streep. I had absolutely not idea that this movie was a musical, so when the first song and dance routine popped onto the screen my eyes nearly bulged out of head... However, this movie was very touching nonetheless. Motherhood was shown in a very positive manner and gave the audience some food for thought about their own mothers and their personal mothering styles.
Meryl Streep - Dancing Queen - Mamma Mia!

Mothers in Television

So, my favorite mother figure that I chose for the Mothers in Television project was Red from the Netflix original TV series Orange is the New Black. Red is fiery, fierce, and nobody is getting in her way. She has her prison family, whom she treats like her daughters. When her "daughters" do something wrong, she scorns them like a mother would. When her "daughters" need help she's there in a heartbeat to lend a helping hand.

When we were first assigned this project, Red immediately came to my mind. In the first couple seasons of the show, Red is definitely afraid to make mistakes. However, when situations get a little too rough for her to handle, the audience sees a more sensitive side to Red's character. But... Never underestimate Red, because she's always going to come back with vengeance.

Orange is the New Black: Meet Red

Advertisement Project

For the Advertisement Project I chose three different Luvs diapers ads. I created a survey about the three ads, and asked how people felt these ads related to mothers from decades ago, our moms, and millennial mothers. People were adamant in the free response section of the survey - they didn't think any of the ads today really reflect motherhood techniques from decades ago, and only really connect to millennial mothers.

I now wish I had added a free response question asking the moms what advertisements were popular around the time I was a baby. It would have been interesting to compare ads from 20 or so years ago to today's advertisements.

Luvs Commercial – Naptime

Magazine Project

I really enjoyed the magazine project, mostly because I really enjoyed my group. Mary, Amy, and I were assigned the year 1970. The magazines from this year were focused on keeping your house clean, how to keep your husband happy with certain gifts, and how to have a happy "private" life with hubby. I thought it was interesting that there were sex advice columns in what I thought was a conservative time... But I was definitely wrong.

From this particular project I learned to appreciate the decade I was born in. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have a job or be a stay at home house wife in a time when both areas have become acceptable.

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The Feminine Mystique

The Feminine Mystique was a good start to the semester. This book really opened my eyes as to how motherhood has developed over the last few decades. It's incredible to me that not even 100 years ago, women didn't have as many rights as they do now, and were expected to stay at home to clean, cook, and raise babies.

I found this book to be repetitive, consistently concentrating on the aspect that women were provided with their life long duties early on… The other common theme was that women were unhappy, but didn't think they were allowed to be unhappy. I feel incredibly grateful that I live in the 21st century where I'm able to work virtually wherever, go to college, and have however many kids I do or don't want.

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Disney Films

Like most girls my age, I am a proud Disney movie junkie. My favorite film is Beauty and the Beast. While somewhat dark and depressing, I found the myths associated towards Disney's opinions of moms very interesting. We were told a story about Disney's mom's death, and I thought it very odd that even though some of these Disney stories were written hundreds of years ago, modern society thought that Disney didn't have moms in his films because of his mother's tragic death.
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Teen Movies and TV Shows

My favorite movie series when I was a teenager was the Harry Potter series. The first film came out when I was 7 years old, and the last one aired a decade later when I was 17. It's difficult to forget where I was when the movie came out. I was on a class trip to Australia, and we all begged our teacher to let us go to the movies to see the final installment of Harry Potter. We each paid $22 for a movie ticket, and that was for a normal 2D version of the movie. I enjoyed Harry Potter because I grew up with Harry and his adventures to destroy evil. As I got older, Harry did also. It was always special for me.
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Children's Books

My favorite book when I was a kid was Goodnight Moon. By the age of 6 or 7, I had the entire story memorized. I knew the words based off the page and picture associated. At one point my mom didn't even have to read it to me. She would just turn the pages as I happily recited the story to her.
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My favorite survey was the one I got to personally create for the advertisement project. I enjoyed writing my own questions for the respondents to answer, and knowing that the results came from my own thought process. My favorite type of response questions are definitely free response. Multiple choice questions can be interesting and factual, but nothing will ever be as raw and unmanipulated like a free response question.
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Music Presentation

I chose the song I Love My Momma written and rapped by Snoop Dogg. I originally chose this song because I wanted to be different and go out of my comfort zone. I've never been a huge fan of rap music or rappers in general. I can sometimes remember a few lyrics if the song was the cover to a popular film; for example the song Phenomenal performed by Eminem that was the main song for the movie Southpaw.

Well, I definitely achieved that goal. The song isn't awful, but I just couldn't connect with the rhythm and flow of the song. I didn't learn anything new about motherhood from this project, if anything it just reaffirmed how grateful I am that my mom raised me in the church and made sure I never got too sassy in public.

Snoop Dogg I Love My Momma

Interview Project

So if we're being honest, for this project I thought that I would ask my mom a few random questions, and 5 minutes later we'd be done. Well, this project turned into being one of my favorites because I found out quite a few things I didn't know before. Like for instance, if I had been a boy my name would be Travis Scott.... I also found out that a lot of thought went into the Disney films my mom would and wouldn't let me watch; my first ever Disney movie was 101 Dalmations and The Aristocats.

This project was my favorite because I was able to see what I had learned in class apply to my mother's methods with raising me. I saw that Disney movies aren't always happy and can be dark for 3 year olds... I also enjoyed this project because it was so laid back. I was able to have a chat with my mom, and turn that in for a grade. I mean, how much better can a homework assignment be?

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My Summary of Comm 411

I have two opinions about motherhood, and they are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I think that being a mother in the 21st century allows for much more diversity compared to just a couple decades ago. Moms are able to be single moms, working moms, stay at home moms, etc. Moms are given so many opportunities to try different arrays of foods, parenting techniques, schooling systems to raise their children.

However, I think that while there are all these positives to motherhood, society likes to create a negative image to mothers. If a mother makes a six figure income and is able to be a single raising parent, but decides to take a two week maternity leave, society doesn't see the positive side to the situation. If a mom decides to put a child up for adoption because she doesn't have the finances or emotional support she needs to raise a child, she's seen as a coward for not trying to raise the child instead of a hero who's giving the child a better life.

If I'm ever lucky enough to have children, I will be scared for my life. The idea that I get to bestow my knowledge, beliefs, and ideals upon a human being is both astounding and terrifying at the same time. I can't imagine the fear mothers feel when they have to make simple and difficult decisions. I can already tell you that I'm going to over think every possible aspect of my child's life because I don't want to mess up... But until that day comes, I will have a new found respect for moms. My opinion is that motherhood is not easy, it is a scary blessing.

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A Letter to my Mommy


Thank you for being as amazing as you are. I had no idea the amount of thought that went into being a mom... And I can't imagine the added difficulty since you had to raise me on your own. But I want you to know that I appreciate every thing you did for me as a child, and every thing you continue to do for as an adult. This class taught me that there are thousands of decisions that go into being a mom, and you rock and made all of the rights ones LOL

I've learned that TV portrays mothers as either ditsy or strict. Disney movies often times only have one parent because it causes the main character to grow up quicker in an 81 minute film. I learned that Mamma Mia is a musical.... Thanks for the heads up before you let me borrow your copy of the movie....

You know our relationship... So here are some random Thank You's:

- Thank you for staying on the phone with me whenever I'm driving in the rain because I'm a sissy

- Thank you for always randomly giving me gift cards to HEB

- Thank you for being so calm and patient with me every time I get sassy and vent about the most minute aspects of my life

- Thank you for having a phenomenal vocabulary (it has come in handy for more than one essay)

- Thank you for recording all of the TV shows I miss because Suddenlink hates me and took away so many TV Stations....

Anywho... I love you mommy, and please know that I am beyond grateful