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Tomorrow we have six robotics teams in action!! Our FLE FIRST Lego Explore teams head to Charlotte for their first competition. Our FLE teams are composed of kindergarten through 3rd-grade students. This year they were charged with solving a problem connected to the theme of moving cargo. After they identified a problem and developed a solution, they had to build a model of their solution. The solution had to include a motor that is programmed by the students and runs autonomously. Their work was so impressive!! I am so excited for them to showcase their skills tomorrow.

Our FIRST Technical Challenge teams (7th and 8th grade) are attending their state qualifying meet in Mason tomorrow. The three teams with more than 30 student members are fresh off their first season in the South Central Robotics League. Joining the league this year allowed our kids the opportunity to compete three different times before making the attempt to qualify for states. The last two months have been an incredible experience for them, and I have never seen three teams this prepared to compete against the other powerhouse teams in Michigan.

Last weekend the 3rd through 6th-grade teams competed, and they were so impressive. See the article below for all of the details. It is incredible to see the levels of excellence our kids grow into when we give them the opportunity to drive their own learning.



On Saturday Concord's three FIRST Lego League robotics teams attended their very first competition at Columbia Central High School. The teams were composed of the following students:

#21364: Emily Smith, James Jordan, and Auden Mckenzie

#53360: Lexton Stanhope, Levi Otto, JJ Davis, and Mason Stumph

#513870 Brandon Watkins, Emma Norris, Finn Hutchinson, Greg Johnson, Anthony Philips, and Hayden McCann.

Two weeks ago we were not sure we would have working robots and these kids SHATTERED EXPECTATIONS!!! A good score for a beginning team is 100 points, and each of these teams crushed that goal!

#21364 Emily and Maddie made an outstanding team that made practice and perfection a priority. James and Ayden used grit to ensure they were able to pull off a very successful mission at the last minute. This team showed teamwork and gracious professionalism all day and their high score was 125 points.

#53360: This team had a high score of 160 points. They struggled to believe in themselves and had to fight to keep it all going in the right direction, but they were so successful at the end of the day. Lexton used a gyroscope sensor to complete the perfect turn. Mason launched the cargo planes almost every single time with his unique weighted bar, and Levi and JJ had ice water in their veins as they unloaded the crane consistently and successfully!! This team secured an award for the school as well. Their unique bots and programs allowed Concord to win the Coach and Mentor award.

#53870: This team took home an incredibly high score of 185 points. Emma and Finn teamed up to complete three missions in one run down the field earning the team over 70 points in one run. Hayden and Anthony were cargo warriors as they used their plow to consistently deliver cargo. Brandon and Greg worked hard debugging and fixing their program all day. They had the only active tool among the Concord teams- the tool was shaped like a forklift and was able to pick up and move cargo with a third motor. In the last match of the day were able to successfully move their package from one end of the board to the other.

Congratulations teams!!! We are so proud of you!! You demonstrated a growth mindset, determination, and confidence as you kept working on getting better each and every match!

We will have an awards ceremony in the ES cafeteria on Tuesday, December 14th at 5:30.


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Holiday Season Opportunities

There are many ways to get into the holiday spirit this year. The link below has information about an opportunity to celebrate the holidays right here in Concord at the Mann House. Plus, we have the annual Light Up Concord contest currently running in the Village (see the flyer below). With so many things to do, it will be hard to choose!
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The boy's basketball team kicked off its season this week with a tough loss against Michigan Center. The team was previewed in the Concord Chronicle. Check out the outstanding article written by Connor Haire. #GOJACKETS #ONEHIVE


The high school wrestling team hit the mats this week in some matches at Hanover Horton. The team is led by senior Calvin Allen looking to pin the path forward for the growing team. Learn more about the team and its coach in the article written by Emma Curry. Saturday, Concord hosts the Grover Invitational. GOOD LUCK JACKETS!!


these exceptional YellowJackets earned recognition for their optimistic attitudes!

An optimistic person focuses on the positives and works hard to develop a

a positive outlook on life (both the good things and the hard parts). Optimistic

people are willing to take on challenges- by showing determination- and turn

mistakes into learning opportunities- which means optimistic people must have

a growth mindset too!

Optimism is the feeling that setbacks are only temporary and success is definitely waiting around the corner.

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It is with a heavy heart that I write this piece for The BUZZ, I honestly do not have the words. What happened in Oxford this week is a tragedy. My heart is broken for the lives lost, the grieving families, and for those that no longer feel safe in a school. School is supposed to be a place of security; a child should know that they can go to school and they will be cared for, welcomed, and safe always. The events this week shattered that for many people. It is wrong, it should not have happened, and I cannot imagine what the Oxford Community is going through. Therefore, I ask our community to take a moment and send love, support, and positive thoughts to the Oxford Community.

I also ask that we come together as a community and make keeping kids safe our mission. I do not claim to know the answers, but I do know that there are things we can do to be proactive. First and foremost, we need to love and respect one another. Hate, anger, and violence will not solve problems.

We need to give each other the gift of time. Our kids need us to put down our phones, close our work, and shut off Netflix, and just be with them. Giving them time lets them know we love them. Loneliness is a breeding ground for anger and hate. We must reach out and ensure everyone feels connected.

We need to monitor our children's social media and internet use. That often can give us great insight into what they are thinking and wondering about. Social media can be a tool for communication and connection, but only when it is used appropriately. Additionally, we need to speak to them about the dangers of social media and making threats. Multiple schools were closed across the state following this tragedy because of copycat threats made on social media. Students need to know the prosecutors are charging students making threats against the school with felonies. It is very serious. Please talk to your kids about this.

Today there was a picture uncovered and shared with the Concord High School administrator that depicted one of these copycat threats. After investigation, it was found that it was not made by our students nor towards our school. I thank the brave students who shared information today. We are proud of you! However, these threats speak to a bigger issue; there are many students across the country that are hurting and need help.

We need to be vulnerable and let kids know it is okay to need support. When we need help, we need to feel comfortable asking for it. If you are worried about your child or someone else in your family, please reach out. Getting help, especially mental health support, is critical when we are experiencing hardships. The sooner mental health issues are treated the easier and quicker we heal and move forward. Waiting for our loved ones to outgrow the issue can sometimes lead to much larger and more complex problems.

Lastly, we each need to make sure that if we have guns in our home they are stored safely in a secure location out of the reach of our students.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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This fall we have been working on upgrading the look of our website. Our hope was to make it more visually appealing and easier to navigate. The website is still under a bit of construction as some of the pages are begin reviewed for relevancy, but the new site is live. You can see the link below for more information. This winter we will be launching a new application for access information about the district on your mobile device. Stay tuned for updates.


We are beginning to see a rise in our cases of colds, strep, hand, foot, and mouth, and COVID-19. 'Tis the season for illness. With that in mind, we NEED some help from our parents. When your child is not feeling well, please keep them home until they feel better ESPECIALLY if they have a fever, cough, or lose their sense of smell and taste. A student has a fever if their temperature is 99 degrees or higher. Our board policy states that a child must be fever-free for 24 hours without medicine before they return. PLEASE do not give your child Tylenol for a fever and then send them to school.

Further, if you do take your child to the doctor and have a Rapid COVID-19 test and a PCR test done. You must keep your child home from school until you have the results of the PCR test EVEN IF the Rapid test is negative. You cannot send your child to school if you are waiting for PCR results. Many of our academic courses allow a student to access materials virtually, so if you must keep your student home, we can ensure they are keeping up with their learning.

In advance, we greatly appreciate your help. This will allow us to continue to maintain high levels of face-to-face instruction. When we do not follow these protocols, we end up having to put more students into quarantine. If you have questions, call the office. They will help walk you through determining how to approach any situation.

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If you have not yet, this week is a great time to start. The Elementary and Middle schools use the Facebook page to post many updates, announcements, and student photos; the Concord Community Schools page is a great way to see how a YellowJacket week unfolds! Don't miss the news - like and follow the pages today.

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Our district is facing a staffing shortage. We are in need of bus drivers, food service staff members, coaches, and individuals willing to work through EduStaff as Guest Teachers or subs for all of our positions. These staffing shortages are wreaking havoc across the state. If you are interested and able, we would love to have you on our team. Below you will find information about signing up to work as a Guest Teacher through Edustaff along with our fall Guest Teacher Incentive. Further, you can view unfilled positions on our website. If you have any questions, please call one of our offices.
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At Jacket Java, on Tuesday Mr. Arbuckle talked about social media and 10 unsafe apps that parents need to be aware of. You can view the recording by following this link. Additionally, you can find more parent resources through this link.
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The Food For Thought Backpack Program for Concord will be starting up soon. This program offers FREE wholesome food to students for the weekend. To become a part of the program parents must sign and return the registration form. If you are interested in receiving this free program, stop in the office for the registration form.
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Upcoming Events

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