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September 25, 2015

Upcoming Events

  • Sept. 24 - Oct. 2 - UIL Tryouts
  • Friday, Sept. 25 - Student Dance - 5th/6th grade dance 5:30-7:00 and 7th/8th grade dance 7:30-9:30
  • Friday, Sept. 25 - Lisa Dietz technology training in the conference room during all conference periods
  • Wednesday, Sept. 30 - Science PLC @ 10:49-12:46 - meet in library
  • Friday, Oct. 2 - Picture Day
  • Friday, Oct. 2 - Final UIL List Due to Ashley
  • Friday, Oct. 2 - VAMS Campus Cookout @ Ryan's
  • Saturday, Oct. 3 - Fall Festival 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at the high school - Live country band from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • Monday, Oct. 5 - Fair Day - No School
  • Tuesday, Oct. 6 - Sunshine Birthday Lunch (Yay!!)
  • Wednesday , Oct. 7 - Social Studies PLC @ 10:49-12:46 - meet in conference room
  • Wednesday, Oct. 7 - Quarterly Test Training in Library @ 3:45 for new teachers and new teacher aides
  • Thursday, Oct. 8 - Progress Reports
  • Friday, Oct. 9 - Conference Meetings with Ryan in the Conference Room
  • Saturday, Oct. 10 - Van Alstyne Education Foundation Clay Shoot 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM (more information below)
  • Oct. 12 - Oct. 14 - Quarterly Tests (see schedule below)
  • Wednesday, October 14 - College Day (more information below)
  • Friday, Oct. 16 - Lisa Dietz in the Conference Room all day for Technology Training
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Shout-out to Stephanie Fernandez, Glenda Kendrick, Amy Fletcher, and Vicky Barrera for the awesome job they do with our STC kids. You all go above and beyond and we appreciate you!

Shout-out to the Math, ELA, and Reading PLC groups for having a great first meeting! We were excited to hear the discussions you were all having! Great teamwork!

One last shout out to our grade level teams for your awesome communication with parents through Smore newsletters and Remind! You guys are awesome!!!

College Day

In order to increase college awareness amongst our students, we are going to have a College Day once a quarter. Our first College Day will be on Wednesday, October 14. On this day, we will celebrate different universities and colleges. During this time, our 8th graders will learn about things they will encounter at the high school (GPA, SAT test, ACT test, graduation endorsements, scholarship opportunities, and much more). Cammi will create the high school lessons for the 8th graders.

On College Day, the students are welcome to wear college attire, including a college hat...and we want YOU to participate too by wearing your favorite college attire! If you have any great ideas to share let Cammi, Ryan, or Kelly know! We look forward to this being a fun time and for the students to learn more about the possibilities that lie before them!

Quote of the Week

We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but of appreciating what we do have.

Sunshine Dues

The Sunshine Committee spreads love and joy all year long. The committee provides decorations for special celebrations, gifts for special occasions, and sends flowers to staff members in time of need. In order for this to be successful, we need your help! Each staff member needs to contribute $20 for Sunshine dues. CASH ONLY! Please give your money to Twila. If you need to pay half now and half later, that is fin. Pay your sunshine dues by Friday, October 2 and earn a JEANS PASS!!! Yes, a JEANS PASS!!

Birthday Lunches

Look at the Birthday Lunch spreadsheet HERE and choose a date and theme for your team's opportunity to provide a yummy lunch.

Let's Strive for Purple Cow Classes!

The following is paraphrased from Dave Burgess' Teach Like a Pirate, and is definitely a perspective worth pondering:

"Too often school is a place where creativity is systematically killed, individuality is stamped out, and boredom reigns supreme. There are really only two possibilities; either your class can be a reprieve from all of that or it can be a contributing factor.

Make your class stand out in the sea of sameness that is the educational landscape. Make it something remarkable worth talking about. Worth noticing- a Purple Cow. Boring stuff is invisible. It's a brown cow. Too many schools are filled with brown cow classes that blend into the background.

Students are hit with so much information and stimuli every day that to stand out in their minds, you must be remarkable. Standing out from the crowd is the only way to guarantee your message is received in a culture that is increasingly distracted and where attention spans are plummeting.

ESL Certification

If you are interested in obtaining your ESL Certification, there are a few dates that Region 10 is offering training to prepare for the ESL supplemental exam. This is a GREAT certification to obtain. After the 2 days of training, you would set a date to take the ESL supplemental exam. Region 10 is offering three options for the 2-day training sessions from 8:30 - 3:30: October 6 & 7, November 3 & 4, or January 5 & 6. Of course, there will be more options that will open up in the spring and summer. Talk to Kelly if this is something you are interested in and/or if you have questions. Click HERE to access the Region 10 website to sign up for upcoming classes.
Teachers Observe Teachers - DUE DECEMBER 1

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