5th Grade Newsletter

February 16th, 2016

Norwood Happenings


Please be mindful of absences and tardies. It is very important that the students are here as much as possible. Remember 3 tardies equals 1 absence.

End of Six Weeks

The end of the six weeks is this Friday. All missing assignments and corrections need to be turned in by Thursday, February 18th.

5th Grade Happenings


There will be a reading mock STAAR test on Thursday, February 18th. This will be a great practice before the real test in a few weeks.

Calling All Cougars

Permission slips for the Kerr field trip need to be turned in by Friday, February 19th. We will be taking a trip to Kerr next Wednesday, February 24th to tour the campus and find out some of the opportunities the students will have next year.

Math Madness

This week in math students will be a taking a test over 2-dimensional shapes and converting measurements. We will also begin our lesson on graphing data and data analysis. The STAAR test is just around the corner so we will be focusing on problem solving and practicing word problems. Next week we will begin our Countdown to STAAR Bootcamp.

In the Science Lab

This week we will be reviewing properties of soil, overusing resources, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

The Reading Corner

Students will receive an ELA homework packet on Tuesday and this will be due on Friday, February 19th. Assistance at home would be appreciated. In class, students will be practicing STAAR questions and passages with Countdown to STAAR.

Blast from the Past

This week in social studies students will continue to learn about the Civil War. They will read and discuss about Fort Sumter and many other famous battles as well as the effects on the country at this time.

Homework Help

  • Read, Read, Read
  • Practice Multiplication Facts
  • Math notes and vocabulary words are posted on Miss Finley's website
  • Apply concepts to everyday activities
  • Spelling words and Reading Comprehension Thinking Stems are located on Ms. Cooper's website
  • Khan Academy videos and practice
  • Clay Piggy


If you have any questions please contact us!

Tracy Pruett (Science) – tpruett@bisdmail.net

Rebecca Finley (Math) – rlfinley@bisdmail.net

Kathy Cooper (ELA and SS) – kcooper@bisdmail.net

Pamela Leach (ELA and SS) – pamela.leach@bisdmail.net