The Political Revolution

Chase Curtsinger

What is a political revolution?

according to wikipedia they said "A political revolution, in the Trotskyist theory, is an upheaval in which the government is replaced or the form of government altered but in which property relations are predominantly left intact. The revolutions in France in 1830 and 1848 are often cited as political revolutions.political Revolutions are contrasted with social revolutions in which old property relations are overturned. Leon Trotsky's book, The Revolution Betrayed, is the most widely cited development of the theory."
according to wikipedia they said "The Trotskyist movement advocates political revolution, as opposed to capitalist counter-revolution, in the countries with deformed workers states. Such political revolutions are envisioned to overthrow undemocratic governments of bureaucratic privilege, replacing them with governments based on workers' democracy while maintaining state owned property relations."

Some befits to a revolution is that you could possibly get a new form of government and you could help the community out and make life better. Some down sides to the revolution would be that many people could get hurt during the roulation and hurt the community