Romancing in Venus

Onl y $1,500 per person


This is the wonderful twin sister planet of Earth only Venus got all momma's good looks. Venus is the place for romance, although humans cant really live on Venus you can have a wonderful vacation there. We have more water in our atmosohere then Earth's, were seriously a billion times better then Earth. The beautiful planet is 864 degrees, so remember to were your space suits at all time.

Real life Venus valcanos

More Info

Venus is known for past collisions but dont worry because we rented an astroid ray just for your special vacation. If you thought that Mercuary was the hottesst planet in the solar system you guys were wrong its us venus, so if you want to catch a tan just come on down. In order to find your way you can use yoyur own portable GPS thats loaded with all abot Venus directions. In order for you to survive in Venus you have your space suits and they are paacked with oxygen for an entire year so dont be scared.

Come on down to the best planet in the solar system Venus

Fun facts

  • Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky
  • Venus rotates counter-clockwise
  • Venus is known for the morning star and the evening star
  • A day on venus last longer then a year
  • The russians were the first to send a mission to Venus
  • At one point it was thought Venus might be a tropical paradise (still come on down even though you know the truth.)