Garrett Primary

We Appreciate You!


1. Having you work at Garrett Primary is an absolute treat! Life is sweeter because of you! Come by after school and have dessert!

2. Na-Cho Average Teachers & Staff! Life is a Fiesta! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy the Nacho bar at lunch!

3. Garrett Primary appreciates our Super Teachers and Super Staff! Come by at 10:30 a.m. to enjoy a super food Smoothie and other healthy snacks.

4. Come by the front office in the morning and enjoy the Breakfast of Champions! Like a good breakfast…You all give our kids a “Great Start” in Life! Thank you for what you do!!

5. Keep Calm and Eat a Burger!-What a way to end the week TGIF--Garrett Primary teachers and staff we have an attitude of gratitude! Enjoy your lunch.

**Thanks so very much! We appreciate all you have done to take such great care of all the children at Garrett Primary and for that enjoy FREE DRESS the rest of the week!