By Donald Driver Presentation by Cal O'Connor


Donald Driver goes from Homeless to hero, and his adventures on and off the fields.

Figurative Language

In the story Driven,they use all different kinds of figurative language, such as imagery, personification, sensory language, and metaphors.

Metaphor=The day was a love fest between me and the fans.

Personification=It felt like the ball was flying into my hands.

Sensory Language= The shivers were flowing threw my body.

Imagery=When the Viking's lose and the whole entire game was being played on the "Mega tron," because the Viking's won we were now going to be in they play offs.


The theme of his story is to never give up. Example: I had never wanted to play this much ever in my life before, Donald said. Example: I didn't care about the my stats I cared about the teams stats, Donald Exclaimed.

1st person Point of view

This book is first person point of view written from Donald Drivers prospective. Example: I realized if we did not become part of the drug seen we would be outcasts. Example: I would sit down on the corner of the street just were they found me.

I chose this passage because because it shows Donald's Determination to win, and how have bad he wants to win. In addition, he would do anything to win.


In this story there are a lot of examples of characterization, such as...

Do you know how beautiful you are? Donald said

I'm six feet tall and around 190 pounds. Donald said

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