Cooperative Learning Tools

It's All About Engagement!

Develop positive interdependence accountability, interpersonal skills and small-group skills and group processing

Countdown Timer

Use a timer to set limits on students working cooperatively.


Use Popplet for mind mapping or brainstorming. It has potential for starting visual or collaborative discussions.

Brainstorming Walls

Share ideas or graphics on a sticky wall.



Google Drive Tools

Question, brainstorm, poll, share and create using Google Docs, presentations, spreadshest, and drawings.

Jigsaw example

Quick Time Player

This is an app on your Mac that can be used to create an audio recording explaining your point of view and then share with your group.

QR Codes

Use QR codes to assign content to student in groups. QR stuff can be used to generate the codes and students can use QR Journal on their Mac to scan the codes. QR Journal can be installed from the FileWave Kiosk.

QR Stuff