Lively Livestock Landscape Project

Celebrating 60 years of making our best better

How will Landscaping improve our fairgrounds?

Landscaping will improve our fairgrounds not only aesthetically but also functionally.

By adding trees we create shade for our grounds, shelter for our future and even possibly adding and creating a possible forestry project for our 4-Her's.


We would like to add a total of 11 trees and park benches. By the Antique Tractor Barn we would like to add 2 benches and an Autumn Blaze Maple tree, spirea bushes, and rock mulch edging. Out in front of the Poultry Barn we would like to add the same as the tractor barn. In front of the Hog Building we would like to add a Sugar Maple and Bur Oak. By the Camping Area we would like to add 3 White Oak Trees. In the Big Top Tent Area we would like to add a Glenleven Linden, Flashfire Maple, and a Kentucky Coffee Tree. Finally we would like to add one Bur Oak by the Cattle Tie Out Area.If we are granted permission we were looking to complete this project May 25th before the progress show.

Benefits of Service Project

By pursuing this project we will be able to provide more shade for hot summer fair days, shelter, seating area, and create a new arboriculture project opportunity. By adding these trees to the fairgrounds, 4-Hers would have an extra opportunity to pursue the Tree Identification project and learn more about each variety of tree we would plant on the grounds.