a McDonalds career

Work your way up the ladder

Hard work

It takes hard work and dedication to work up the ladder. Workers need to have many practical skills. Employees have to train to use each appliance. Work needs to be done quickly. Punctuality is neccessary to keep the job. long hours can be grueling. work above and beyond the average.

A big step is attending Hamburger University

When you want to become restaurant manager you have to attend Hamburger University. here the managers learn how to run the restaurant. Courses here advance progress in training. Hamburger University was founded in 1961. There are many Hamburger Universitys around the world. Credits from here can be transferred to many colleges. More than 7,500 students attend

Save up and buy your own restaurant.

You have to work and save your money enough to afford to buy a restaurant

Guaranteed to make money and have fun