Nuclear Fusion Press Release

New discovery from Laura Countiss 12/11/15!


This is Laura Countiss here to announce my latest discovery on using Nuclear Fusion as an energy source.

What is Nuclear Fusion?

Nuclear fusion produces energy for the sun, which trumps nuclear fission which only produces energy to power generators. Nuclear fission is splitting atoms apart, whilst nuclear fusion is the joining together of atoms. Nuclear fusion has the ability to produce extreme amounts of energy.

What about our safety?

Luckily, using nuclear fusion for energy can be done safely. In order for everyone to follow the safety procedures, we will be teaching seminars to those who want to use nuclear fusion on their own for energy. Just know, it is a very useful thing because if it can power the sun, it can power anything!!

The sky is the limit!

With this latest discovery in energy production, soon in the future of the country will not have to worry about running out of energy! There will be an increase in energy rates which will be more economical and will save consumers money! So, with this latest discovery, the country will be free to consume as much energy as possible without ruining the environment!