News from Mrs. (Caroline) Adams

September 23, 2015

To the right is a picture of our class on Sept. 11, right before we went to visit the firemen. (Miss Katie Mae, our High School Education Student is in the picture, too!)

The students wrote letters to the firemen and wrote a hero poem to give to any hero in their life. Mrs. Stone helped them to edit their letters in a google doc and she printed them out so that each student could hand his or her letter to a fireman on September 11. In social studies class and in writing class we read about and discussed what we think are qualities of a hero. The students had some beautiful things to say about people who inspire them!

Here are some pictures from our Visitors' Day/ Grandparents' Day Lunch!

Here are some photos from our time at the Fire Station when we went to tell our local heroes that we appreciate them!


  • Congratulations to Student Council Reps chosen by their peers-- Jules Acomb and Jakub Hel !
  • Progress Reports were sent home on Sept. 16. Thank you for signing them and returning them. There were also two spelling tests and one math paper sent home with the progress report.
  • Thank you for selling giftwrap! Because our PTO raises money and shares those funds with the classrooms I was able to buy printer ink and copy paper. If we did not have PTO funds, I would have to wait until October 1 to have access to any school funds! Thank you for all that you do to help BPES to be the wonderful school that it is!
  • The children really enjoyed having visitors for lunch. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos above!
  • Spelling: We are not ready for a "group one" and a "group two" yet, but 5 students did test out of Unit three because they made a 100 on the pre-test. So, AJ, Skyler, Lila, Chloe, and Rochelle will not have a spelling test this Friday. For everyone else, the test this Friday is on the words from Unit 3 in the textbook, but the whole class has also started a word study of Greek and Latin root words.
  • Two contests to announce! One is a Farm-to-City contest with the theme "Agriculture: Sustaining Future Generations." If your child was interested, he or she brought home a note from Mrs. Argo, our Art Teacher. The other contest is a BPES Pumpkin contest! See the photo below!
  • We will be having an Open House & Outdoor Classroom Social on October 8! Check your emails from Mrs. Littlejohn for schoolwide announcements.
  • Also, October is Conference season, so you will hear from me soon about setting up conferences.
  • Thanks for all that you do to help your child be successful! I am glad to be on your team of wanting what is best for your child and helping him or her to learn and grow!
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