Week of February 8, 2016

Hello Parents!!

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I'm extremely sorry for the tardiness of this newsletter!! Students will be finishing up the novel this week as well as starting a new unit.

Monday: Finish reading Number the Stars novel. Begin completing packet.

Tuesday: Review for Novel assessment and complete packet.

Wednesday: Packet due. Novel Assessment. Begin Unit 5A; Generating Connections: Information Text; Everyday Spelling Words (Test on Tuesday 2/16/16)

Thursday: Reintroduction of the order of importance organizational pattern. Read "Boy, Nine, Survives Wilderness...." and Complete DLR activity.

Friday: Reading selection and complete cause and effect graphic organizer

Everyday Spelling Words:

1. poetry

2. beautiful

3. thirteen

4. tongue

5. pieces

6. neighborhood

7. thousand

8. through

9. unusual

10. building

Challenge Words

1. Preliminary

2. Tremendous

3. Perception


Friday, February 12th Sweetheart Dance @ 6pm


11th- Lucy Cates