Pop Art

How to complete your Pop Art grid drawing

Pop Art Steps

1. Use ruler to make a grid on 12x18 paper--draw lightly

2. Choose a photocopy of a product

3. Add letters and numbers to grid to match photocopy

4. Copy one square at a time

5. Sharpie

6. Erase grid

7. Color: realistic, color family, choice

8. Cut out and frame

A closer look at each step:

Finalize your drawing

Include all main parts; include some smaller details of your choice or not at all.

When finished, use Sharpie to trace pencil lines. Erase the grid in your drawing.

Last Step

Cut out your art. Choose a paper that will be used to create a colored edge around your art. Place your art onto paper. Draw a contour line about 1/2" from your shape. Cut out. Glue art onto colored paper. Write your name and Class Code on the back, then place on the drying rack.