December Newsletter

Total Teams Sales - $4,245.70!!!

  1. Andrea Bouchard - $1,571.57 *****WOWZERS!!! You are on FIRE!
  2. Brittany Podsobinski - $368.94
  3. Catie Ingram - $351.92
  4. Holly Gritton - $175.92
  5. Angie Nolty-Cardwell - $51.94

Our "PARTY ANIMAL" is Andrea Bouchard with 3 parties!!!

Brittany & Catie each had 1 party! WooHoo!

A New Heart!

Angie Nolty-Cardwell lives in Hilliard, OH & joined our team on December 20th.
Welcome to the team, Angie!

Booking TIP

Call, text, or email each person who has placed an order since you joined Thirty-One to see if they are enjoying their products. Ask if they would like to earn $180 in FREE product this month. Offer two dates you have available & see if either would work for them. Start with those you feel most comfortable with or who expressed interest at some point. With double rewards & it being the start of a new season... consider hosting your OWN Open House Party.

"I don't have enough time" is the #1 killer of all dreams. We are all given 24 hours in a day. Make time to establish your routine. -- Courtney (Wrap it Up Call)

You know how to reach me if you want more tips or ideas to fill your schedule! Check TOT daily for updates & announcements to keep momentum in your business.
Much love! Amy