lights northern, borealis aurora

ya know, those things

1. solar waves from sun collide with our atmosphere

2. up north, you can tell if you are far up north if it is very snowy. Wait.... its also snowy in the south... Ya know what? just go borrow a compass from Mr. Rogers


4.its the same thing but the australis is in the south

5.they can observe the sun, and solar flares

6. earths magnetic field

We will be up north in alaska, we will get there by cruise ship, it will be very cold so people must bring jackets. There will be a viewing platform, and a skylight in the lodge. Appearantly you can see the northern lights for anywhere in the north. Heres some folklore for those interested,

"The ends of the land and sea are bounded by an immense abyss,

over which a narrow and dangerous pathway leads to the
heavenly regions. The sky is a great dome of hard material
arched over the Earth. There is a hole in it through which the
spirits pass to the true heavens. Only the spirits of those who
have died a voluntary or violent death, and the Raven, have been
over this pathway. The spirits who live there light torches to
guide the feet of new arrivals. This is the light of the aurora.
They can be seen there feasting and playing football with a
walrus skull.
The whistling crackling noise which sometimes accompanies the
aurora is the voices of these spirits trying to communicate
with the people of the Earth. They should always be answered
in a whispering voice. Youths dance to the aurora. The
heavenly spirits are called selamiut, "sky-dwellers," those who
live in the sky." -Ernest W. Hawkes