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January 4, 2016

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Our mission at Richland Elementary is to engage students in a safe learning environment to become socially and academically successful.

Week at a Glance

Monday, January 4

  • Kids back to school-Back to business.... learning in 2016
  • Morning ASPRIE only this week
  • STAR Math Screener Window opens today through January 15

Tuesday, January 5

Wednesday, January 6

  • College Day for Staff
Thursday, January 7
  • Pam and Michelle will meet with all grade levels during your conference about the new STAR screener for Reading

Friday, January 8

  • 4th grade presentation from Meteorologist in Waite's Room

Saturday, January 9

  • Game night at the Jordan's

Shout Outs!

  • Thanks to Candiss and the PTA for holding the Penguin Patch. Thanks to the staff members that helped out including Kathryn, Traci, Stacy, Deedra and Lyn. I know the kids enjoyed shopping. Thanks also to Michelle Rollins for holding a special shop for the kids that couldn't afford to go to the Penguin Patch. Thanks to Mr. Bertucci for helping Mrs. Rollins set up the shop.
  • A big thanks to Michelle Rollins and Traci Tucker for getting the toys and food for our families in need. They picked up 50 bags of gifts for our families on Tuesday. On Saturday they picked up food for the same families and met them at the school to hand out the food. I know that everyone was very appreciative.
  • Thanks to Richard once again for such a great choir performance on Tuesday night! Thanks also for leading the sing-along on Thursday. This is one of my favorite days. I love hearing the voices of all the kids in the school singing Christmas songs. Thanks for setting up the song competition for the new staff members. I regret asking Mrs. Hill to join us! Just kidding...Congratulations Jamika for being the song champ!
  • Thanks to all of you for helping out wherever you were needed this week. We had extra help in the younger grades on Thursday and Friday and it made a huge difference! Thanks to all of you that helped Charlie while Caitlyn is away with her very special delivery of Kinley Grace!
  • Thanks to Jenny and Deedra for setting up all of our holiday activities! The food in the lounge was great. I know those of you that attended our staff party had a great time due to their planning! It is fun to get away from school and enjoy or RES family.
  • Thanks to the PTA for that yummy lunch from El Chico! I think most of us love Mexican food!
  • Thanks to the Hancock/Tidmore Class at NRHBC for the gift cards that were given to the teachers for Christmas. If anyone would like to write a thank you note to the class, I would be happy to deliver them.
  • Thanks to everyone that gave me a card or gift! You guys are the greatest! We have some really good bakers here for sure!

Tibits of Info

  • We are back to "regular" school on Monday. The kids will be ready for the routine and so will we. The end of the third six weeks will be coming up very soon, as well as MOY STAR testing in reading and math.
  • Pam and Michelle will be having a training for the new STAR Reading test for all teachers during your planning time on Thursday. Specialists and SPED teachers please join with the grade level that matches your conference time. It is more about learning about the screener than learning about your grade level. Pam and Michelle will teach you how to run various reports at another time.
  • We will be having several staff meetings this month. The staff meetings will be based on teacher learning. Please be prepared to stay after school on Mondays this month.
  • UPSC should be visible to students in every classroom that teaches math. Bea Luchin will be visiting on Monday, Jan. 11th. If anyone would like to have samples on their bulletin boards in the hallway that would be awesome! Please begin saving some student samples of UPSC to share at a staff meeting later in the month.
  • We will begin Plan Do Study Act in the 4th six weeks in one subject. More info to come in a staff meeting.
  • Please search room for science scopes. They are still missing. Each scope cost around $300, The scopes are in small white boxes and are not labeled very well. I think they may be tucked away in a classroom somewhere and the teacher doesn't even realize it. Please check your cabinets! Thanks
  • I hope that all of you enjoyed the Joy of the holiday season with family and friends! I also hope that you got the much deserved rest that you needed and did not come to school to work!
  • 2016.....Here we come!
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Upcoming Events

  • Jan. 4-15-STAR Math Universal Screener should be completed by all students K-12
  • Jan. 11-Bea Luchin visits our school
  • Jan. 11-Afternoon ASPIRE begins
  • Jan. 11-Staff Meeting in Library-Teresa Lawson here to discuss ELA strategies
  • Jan. 12-Kerri at ILT
  • Jan. 12-4th Grade Chick-Fila Night-Rufe Snow Location
  • Jan. 14-Michelle at counselor's meeting
  • Jan. 15-End of third six weeks
  • Jan. 18-MLK Day
  • Jan.19-29-STAR Early Literacy/Reading K-8 should be completed
  • Jan. 19-Art/PLC day-Norma will be back to answer questions after kids take the MOY
  • Jan. 19-Collaborative Conferences about Math
  • Jan. 19-Kerri at Principal Meeting
  • Jan. 20-LOL Meeting
  • Jan. 21-Chad to AP ILT
  • Jan. 22-5th grade to the Symphony
  • Jan. 25.-Staff Meeting-Follow Up for UPSC-Bring student samples
  • Jan. 28-Battle of the Books Competition
  • Feb. 5-All grade levels meet for math collaboratives in PLC rooms

Serious Competition!

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Game Night at Kathryn & Joey Jordan's House

Saturday, Jan. 9th, 6:30pm

Sky View Court

Burleson, TX

All Richland Elementary Staff & their spouses/significant other is invited to Game Night at Kathryn & Joey's house. This will be a fun night to get to know one another on the staff and relax. Please consider coming even if it is for an hour! Please be sure to RSVP to the following link or go to DeeDra's email:

Richland Elementary

Mascot: Rockets

Colors: Red and Blue

Grade Levels: Pre-Kindergarden-5th Grade

Remind Staff Link Info: