Survival In the Wilderness

Know facts to survive the Wilderness

Facts to live or thrive in the wilderness

Hello, I will be telling you how to survive in the wild today.

So everyone knows the basics don't eat poisonous berries, avoid large animals, find shelter. But what most people don't know is that...

1.big animals pose a small threat and small animals pose a big threat.

2. Sure every now and then people die from a bear or a shark attack, but almost twice that die from malaria from misquotes, or poison from wasp/bee sting.

3. Not everyone knows the types of plants that poisonous so i'm going to list a few...

1. Poison ivy

2. Poison oak

3. Rosary pea/Castor bean

4. Foxglove

5. Nightshade

4. Shelter is IMPORTANT. You need shelter to sleep in, to keep warm if it is winter time, to keep dry if it rains. Here are some types of shelter. Lean on: wood leaning on rock or tree, cave, and dugout

5. Be careful. I don't even need to stress that out anymore. you never know what is around the corner. Wolves, Bears, Snakes.

6. WATER! Most people think oh no I'm going to starve to death, but however that's not the case. In fact the might thirst to death you're body can go 4 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water.

7. Stay calm. Screaming in pain or agony announces that you are weak, any animal that hears you will come to the sound.

8. Fire. Fire cooks food, keeps you warm, provides light, and removes bacteria from food

9. You won't die without cell service. Many people worry when they don't have cell service. People survived for thousands of years without cellphones.

10. Last but not least, Avoid strange food. if you have never seen this type of food stay away. Stick to apples, orange, grapes, strawberries, stuff you know is safe.

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