Followers are called Muslims

All about Islam

Muslims believe in the Five Pillars. 1. Belief in one god; Allah 2. Prayer five times a day 3. Charity helping- Zakah 2.5% 4. Fasting not eating or drinking 5. Pilgrimage Annual Hajj. They have a Sherman; which is a religious prayer, also Imam; which is prayer. They worship in a Mosque, a place of prayer, lead by an Imam who reads prayer from their holy book the Koran. The Koran is religious purposes only. It's in Arabic form, Revelations (teachings) Hebrews (guidance for Islam). Muslims have prayer on Fridays at noon, which are the most important. An Imam leads the worship. An Annual Hajj was first built by the angels. There is expected to be 3million people this year! They also celebrate Ramadan; you don't eat or drink, learn how to be greatfull, and learn self discipline. Mecca is the place where the Islamic religion was originated. Abraham is Muslims common figure. Muslims believe in only one god, Allah; the creature of everything.