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Attack in The Shop!

Sae Young, shop owner from Korea, was attacked by a mystery robber on July 13, 1994. There was a colossal amount of money from Sae Young's shop. She says, "There was a gun in the man's jacket and he broke my cheekbone and hit my head against the wall."

Here is one of the suspects: Victor Lademan (suspect number 1) was found near Sae Young's shop with a gun. They are still watching over him to make sure he is the actual person who did this terrible

Before that day Sae Young was a fun friendly person, but now she is living alone in her house, scared of the world around her.

Caption: Victor Lademan, suspect number one

Dear "Abby"

Dear Abby,

Hi, it's Lonnie. I'm writing you this letter for some advice, I could really use some. I've been trying to find God, and I can't. What should I do Abby? I've prayed to Him about my little sister Lilli and foster mom Ms. Edna but it just isn't working at all. Last time I asked for help from you, you told me to find God, so can you tell me how to? You have already found him, so please help me find God. Thank you!

Sincerely, Lonnie

Dear Lonnie,

You asked me to help you with finding God. I've got great advice for you! Go and buy a book in the library about everything having to do with God, and read it. It has all of His stories, and all the advice he gives to some of the people in those stories. Try to follow His advice, talk to your foster mom about it, or just try and get closer to God. It worked for me!

Next you could talk to the people you love. Talk to your little sister and Ms. Edna to make you feel better, it help you a lot. Your welcome, and Good luck!

Sincerely, Abby

The Visit

Wednesday, Oct. 31st 1962 at 4:30-7pm

The Chapman House

Jo Ellen, you can respond to us at 972-872-5596, or email us at chapmanfam@me.com. We (Franny) will be getting ready for the Halloween party with you and spending some quality time together. We can't wait to see you!

Slogan: Jo Ellen, come home to the Chapman house!

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