Have Proper Bus Etiquette

Britnie Wright 3A 1/5/16

Rules for the AM

1. you get your own seat, do not sit with anyone else, only certain people have the exception

2. put your headphones in and listen to your music

3. lean against the window if you wish

4. mind your own business

5. don't turn around and look at other people

6. do not talk unless the convo has 3+ involved, or you had a date the night before

7. everyone has unwritten/unspoken assigned seats, if you are new, sit in the back because nobody sits there

8. if there is an empty seat near your friends, you can sit there if nobody else usually sits there

9. you can start talking once we reach our school's street

Rules for the PM

We do not care. Just know that seating arrangements are different that in the morning, so sit in the middle where it is empty. Also, do not be too loud and/or annoying when speaking with others.

Where did this come from?

About a month and a half ago, we got a new person who rides our bus and he got on one morning and was being disruptive, so some friends and I were joking around about proper bus etiquette and we came up with these rules.


These rules are relevant to people today on bus 504 because when a new rider disrupts our "order", we become disturbed and annoyed. We created these "rules" to entertain ourselves and to "set the rules of the bus".

Most Important Rule(s)

1. sitting in your own seat

This is important because in the morning, we don't want to be sharing a seat with someone if we're trying to fall asleep.

2. not talking unless there are 3+ people

This is important because we are all trying to sleep and/or listening to music and we don't want to be listening to someone else talk.