Phillips Friday Focus

February 5, 2016

100 days of hard work!

Happy 100th day of school! Enjoy the donuts in the office this morning to celebrate. I saw good things going on in planning this week. I told many how fortunate we will be with our new calendar next year to have these planning days without our students here with us.

I look forward to seeing how our students do on their Benchmarks next week. A letter to parents will be delivered by Luz this morning so please get it home today and stress the importance of students making sure their parents read it. These tests will be long and challenging for our kiddos but it's so important to practice like its the STARR. So all hands on deck next week! Support staff and paraprofessionals, look to hear from Wendy on where you will be needed.

What's Ahead...

Feb. 8- Reading Benchmark/6:00 Board meeting

Feb. 9- Math Benchmark

Feb. 10- Writing Benchmark

Feb. 12- Valentine Exchange Day

Feb. 17- Telpas Training(3:45-exchange day credit)

Feb. 18-19- Writing Camp for 4th grade

Feb. 24- Luncheon in lounge/SST meetings/3:45 T-TESS training(teachers)

March 3-Open House (not sure on time for this yet)