Laboratory Safety Do's and Don'ts

A quick way to make sure your personal lab safety rules!

What is laboratory safety, and why is it important in chemistry?

Laboratory safety is a system of rules, practices, and procedures followed to maintain secure conditions while working on scientific investigations. In chemistry, laboratory safety is very important because ALL students need to be aware of any possible situations that can be harmful or very dangerous.

How are you able to know if your lab safety habits are good or bad?

You can evaluate (check) your own lab safety habits based on the things you should do while working in a science laboratory and more importantly, by the things that you should NOT be doing while working in a science laboratory. If you are ever unsure about something you are doing, take a look below, and check to see if that particular thing should be done to practice lab safety correctly.

Check out the following images to see if you know how to practice laboratory safety.

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Science Safety Contract

Once you understand how to behave within a given laboratory setting, you will need to take home a lab safety contract to your parents. You will be responsible for explaining to them how/why lab safety is important and having them sign this document to allow you to participate in all upcoming experiments. When you return this document, you can perform all laboratory activities and exercise because you will definitely know how to follow lab safety at ALL times while working in class. Lastly, always remember that lab safety totally RULES, and to always check yourself before you wreck yourself!
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