Bynagle Bulletin

December 15, 2014

Dates to Remember

December 9 - Food Drive Ends - Bring in your nonperishable foods for Share the Spirit. December 18 - Orca Olympics - 1:00 - 3:00pm

December 18 - Dress like your Favorite Sports team/Athlete Day

December 19 - No School - End of Quarter 2 - Teacher In-service

December 19 - January 4 Winter Break

January 5 - School Starts

Classroom Happenings

This past week was full of adding and subtracting decimals, dividing multi-digit numbers, partner reading our chapter books, performing in our Christmas Concert, Watching a documentary on Yellow Fever, putting the finishing touches on our Wooden Spoon Book Reports, and writing essays.

Next week is sure to be busy as well. We will be finishing Fever - 1793 (hopefully) and will be putting the finishing touches on a number of art projects. We will be taking our quarterly math assessment and will be wrapping up our science unit on weather. UUuugggg! That's a lot to get done!!

Winter Break Begins December 19th

Holiday Party

We will be having a holiday party on Thursday, December 18th from 11:30 - 12:00. There will be food and games. If you are interested in providing food for the holiday party, please let me know.

Reading Goal

Winter Break begins this Friday, December 20th. Thursday of this week will be our last school day in the 2014 calendar year. I am working with your child to create a 50,000 word reading goal. (For my avid readers, the goal may be slightly above 50,000 words.) Your child will be coming home with several books at their interest and reading level over the 17 day Winter Break. There will be no "homework" over the break, but students will be asked to complete their independent reading goal.

I find that counting words, instead of time, is a more effective way to track amount of reading completed. Our Reading Counts program allows students to look up the number of words in books they are reading. Your child should be able to tell you how much reading they will need to complete in order to meet the 50,000 word goal. When they return to school in January your child will receive Reading Counts Feedback on their books.

If you would be willing to ask your child about their Winter Break reading goal periodically throughout the break I would greatly appreciate the support. It is my goal to create avid readers who think deeply and find enjoyment in a great book.

Mrs. Bolin's Reading Class

If your student is in Mrs. Bolin's reading class please help them get started on their posters. Most work will be done in class, but it will be helpful if they get a little bit done at home.

The Cay

For our final test, I would like the students to produce a high quality, colored, organized and well thought out poster with the following:

1. Choose one:

Drawing of the cay

Drawings of the characters

Drawings of one of the boats (U-boat or schooner)

2. Choose one

Acrostic Poem using one of our vocabulary words

Haiku about the story or an event in the story

Bio-poem of Timothy or Phillip

3. Choose one of the following and write an Informational Paragraph AND drawing of:

Blue footed booby

Coral Islands


4. Choose one of the following and write an informational Paragraph

World War ll in this part of the world



5. Label and write about ALL of the following:

Favorite part of the story and then tell me Why it was your favorite.

Scariest part of the story and then tell me Why you thought it was the Scariest.

Lesson you learned from the story and how you can apply it to your life.

Organize this on a Poster to be turned in by Thursday Dec., 18th.