Ice Floats

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What Is Going On With The Ice Floats ?

As the water molecule freeze, the hydrogen bonds forces the molecule to freeze in connection to four other molecules. This form of repeating hexagonal shape allows the water to become 10% less dense.
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Why Does It Happens ?

This happens because the structure of the molecule has an uneven distribution of charge due to the placement of the hydrogen atoms, this causes the water molecules to be attracted to each other and form a hexagonal shape when it's frozen, especially when the temperature is in between 4℃ to 0℃. As the temperature falls from 4℃ to 0℃, water begins to freeze because more and more of its molecules are moving too slowly to break hydrogen bonds. At 0℃, the molecules become locked into a crystalline lattice, each water molecule hydrogen bonded to four partners. In this time, the molecules are far enough to make ice about 10% less dense.

Ice Float Is So Important !

  • Without ice floating on the surface of the ocean and reflecting sunlight and heat the world would be uninhabitable because the world would be too warm.

  • If ice sank, there would be no seafood industry because all of the aquatic organisms that are live in the ocean would either be killed by the ice or lose their habitat. The Ice float can keep the aquatic organism to swim and to survive beneath the ocean.

So, it is so important to have the ice floats on the surface of the oceans.

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Ice float is one of the few substances that are less dense as a solid than as a liquid, leads the ice float as one of the most interesting water properties that may still rare to fully explore and understand.