Parent Peek at the Week

Week of January 31st, 2022

Important Dates

Monday, January 31st - Day 0

  • PA Day - students do not attend school
  • Deadline to register for the Virtual Paint Night (end of day)

Tuesday, February 1st - Day 3

Wednesday, February 2nd - Day 4

Thursday, February 3rd - Day 5

Friday, February 4th - Day 1

  • Cougar Courage Awards!!!

Upcoming Dates:

  • February 7th - 11th: Olympics door decorating contest
  • February 7th: School Council Meeting
  • February 14th: Wear Red/Pink/White and Hearts Day!
  • February 17th: Grade 6 Transition Meetings with Crestwood Intermediate
  • February 21st: Family Day
  • February 22nd: Report Cards sent home
  • February 22nd: Two Two Day!

Supporting Understanding - Addressing Common Protocol Misconceptions

I know that there is so much information out there - and it does also change from time to time. Over the past week, we have identified some common misconceptions regarding our COVID protocols, that we're hoping to address here to have a more general understanding. Here you go:

1. My child tested negative on a RAT, so they can come to school.

If your child is symptom free after a negative RAT, they can absolutely return to school. However, several families have been sending symptomatic children after a negative RAT. If your child has any symptoms of illness - and you've properly completed the daily screening and attestation form - you will see that they are NOT to attend school - negative test or not. No ill student should attend school at any time.

2. I've given my child medication for their symptoms, so they can attend school.

If your child is ill or has symptoms and requires medication, the daily screener will indicate that they need to stay home. Medicating your child and sending them to school does not support our protocols. Remember - medication wears off, so by 11am your child will be feeling unwell again. PLEASE do not send your child to school if they are on medication for symptoms on any given day.

3. My child had symptoms and was sent home last week. They don't need to be sent home again.

Any time a child feels ill at school, they are taken to the isolation room and the daily screener is completed. In most cases, this results in the direction to have the child sent home. I understand this can be frustrating if they have a headache one week, nausea the next, etc. However, according to our protocols we cannot have symptomatic students at school. Even if they have been sent home once, they can be sent home again if symptomatic.

4. My child is home sick with COVID symptoms, but I don't want to give them a RAT.

Giving your child a RAT is a personal decision. Each child has been provided with 2 kits - to be used when symptomatic. This tool is extremely helpful in supporting us to know when we have positive cases in a class. If you wish not to use them, we understand, however, the isolation period will then be 5 days (rather than 48 hours after 2 negative RAT's).

5. School staff and administration is "making this up" as we go.

As a school, we want to reassure you that we review protocols daily to ensure we are following the most up to date information possible. This is also why we use the Ministry daily screener whenever a child indicates they are not well at school. We understand your frustration when called to pick up your child. Just a reminder that we are simply following the direction we've been given - we are the messenger NOT the creator of the protocols. Being understanding and kind is so critical for all of us right now. We will always treat you and your child with kindness and respect - we hope that you can afford these same qualities back to us when faced with these challenging situations. Thank you for understanding!

Daily Screening and Attestation Form

Our most important tool to keep schools safe is daily, active screening of all students and staff. Anyone who has symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 or is a confirmed positive case must self-isolate, regardless of vaccination status.

Here is what you need to remember:

1. The COVID-19 provincial school screening tool must be completed by EVERY staff and student daily:

2. Students (every single one in every family) have to also now complete an attestation form daily at the following link:

If ANY signs of illness are present (Covid or not) staff and students are NOT to attend school. Completing the provincial Covid screener will give you the info you need to know your next steps.

Second Annual Virtual Paint Night

On behalf of School Council, we are thrilled to let you know that we have once again received a grant for $1,000 in order to be able to run the Virtual Paint Night this year. We are so excited! The deadline to register is the end of the day on January 31st - only 2 days to go!!!

This online evening event is open to all face-to-face, as well as online Kawartha Heights students and their families.

Date: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Resources: You will need to have some kind of technology (computer, laptop, tablet) in order to be able to connect to the virtual Paint Night. Each participant will be provided with a full paint kit including canvas, paint and paint brush in order to participate. Kits will be available for pick up at the school, the week prior to the event.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we have received some grant money for this event so there is no cost to participants, the kits are expensive at $7.00 each, so please only indicate those family members who you are sure will participate in the event.

To sign up for our Virtual Paint Night, please go to the following link:

Spirit Days

Kawartha Heights Staff have decided it's time to have some fun during the month of February! Here are some upcoming Spirit Days and activities we will be engaging in:

February 7th - 11th: Olympics Door Decorating Contest

February 14th: Red/Pink/White and Hearts Day!

February 22, 2022: Two Two Day!! (see below)

100th Day of School - date TBD

February 28th - March 4th: Paper Bag Princess Week

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Masking Protocol changes

On Friday, the Ministry announced changes to the masking protocol. As per Ministry direction, the board is now removing the requirement for students to wear masks outdoors. However, we will continue to monitor at recess and if we notice students that are very close to each other, we will remind them to keep 2 meters apart OR put on their mask. The distancing protocol has NOT changed.

The mask protocol has been updated to reflect these changes and can be found at this link.

Valentine's Day

Just a reminder that as Valentine's Day approaches, students cannot bring ANY food to share with their friends. Valentine's is one of the hardest days regarding this protocol, as children want to add candy to Valentine's cards.

Children MAY bring cards to school (absolutely no candy attached or they have to be returned home). In each classroom, teachers will establish a process for delivering to a mailbox (this can be a paper bag, envelope, etc). Each child must sanitize hands prior to delivery and sanitize before picking up their "mailbox" to take home. All Valentine's must be opened at home - not at school.

Thank you!

Class Recess Locations

It's been 2 weeks since we started recess cohorting, so it's time to change things up a little. Students have really done a great job keeping to their class areas. We know they'll appreciate a change of scenary as we change up their areas.

Please see the new locations listed below.

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Kindergarten Registration

Welcome to Kindergarten in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board!

We're looking forward to welcoming new Kindergarten students to our local public schools this September. Kindergarten teachers and Early Childhood Educators work together to provide safe, inclusive, engaging programming where students learn through play.

If you have a child (or know another family that does!) who is eligible for Kindergarten in September, please register now. Believe it or not, we are already starting work on staffing for the next school year. Having accurate numbers now helps us to ensure that we are creating our classes based on accurate numbers and there will be less of a possibility of having to reorganize in September. Please register as soon as you can!

Visit our website at to register online for the 2022-23 school year.

Bits and Pieces

1. Hot lunch programs are back again!!!!! They will begin this week. Please go to: to order. Orders are due each Sunday by noon for the upcoming week.

2. Unfortunately, Jimmy Chapman has had to reschedule his days with us from February 7th and 10th to February 24th and 25th. We also have one more date he still has to book for the classes that missed due to the snow day before the holidays. All breakdancing classes will be held outside on the pavement. Stay tuned for more details closer to the dates.

News from the KPR Board Office

Dear Families,

Reflecting on my first year as Director of Education with KPR, I continue to be inspired by our students and their families who have persevered through unprecedented challenges to continue learning, supporting one another and embodying the KPR spirit!

Each year, I am required to report on the Board’s multi-year strategic plan. This year, through the Director’s Report for 2021, we have tried to capture a sampling of the many student and staff accomplishments experienced at KPR. The stories and snapshots are evidence of the resiliency, joy and optimism students across all grade levels bring to our schools each and every day. Highlighted in the document are students and staff engaged and excelling in learning, inspiring each other to succeed in life, and enriching our communities. I continue to be humbled to serve the KPR community and thank you for your ongoing support.

Yesterday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, to remember and pay tribute to the more than six million Jewish people who were murdered. Tomorrow, January 29, we remember the victims and survivors of the Quebec City Mosque attack. Both of these atrocities have deep roots in intolerance and hate. Antisemitism and Islamophobia are real and are experienced by many. We must call this out when we see or hear it happening.

As you enter the weekend, I ask you to keep the people of Williams Lake First Nation in your thoughts as they prepare to uncover missing children and unmarked burials from St Joseph’s Mission School. As a learning community we must educate ourselves and others to ensure the past is never repeated. Only truth can bring light and healing to this dark past.

As we welcome February, we proudly celebrate Black History and Black Excellence by honouring the achievements and contributions of Black Canadians past and present. It is also a time for learning and listening to acquire new knowledge. Students will benefit from many focused learning opportunities throughout the month of February.

As we continue to remain hopeful that COVID-19 will soon be behind us, please remember to self-screen every day and stay home if you are ill. Continue to take care of yourself and those around you. Relationships and connection matter. It's been an exceptionally difficult time and sometimes a friendly smile, a short email or a quick call can make a difference.


Rita Russo
Director of Education


January 31 PA Day

Just a reminder that Monday, January 31 is a PA Day for all students. Enjoy the long weekend!

School-Based Vaccination Clinics

Local public health units have planned a number of vaccination clinics in KPR schools during the day, to increase access for families. Information packages and consent forms will be shared directly with schools that have been chosen for a clinic. Written consent is required for elementary students to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Children will not receive a COVID-19 vaccine unless they have a signed consent form.

One more thing....

January/February can be challenging just a little reminder:
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