Saltwater Crocodile

By Jacob Altman


The animal I researched is the Saltwater Crocodile. There nickname is "salties" or "crocs". Their scientific name is crocodylas porosus. The saltwater croc is the largest reptile!


The saltwater croc likes a warm coastal climate and lives mostly in Australian, Africa and Asia. Crocs live most of their life in water and like it to be deep and murky. They don't just live in saltwater, they also live in fresh water, swamps, mangroves, lakes and rivers.

Food Chain

The crocodile will eat anything and EVERYTHING! This includes pigs, cattle, horses, kangaroos, birds, dogs, fish, snacks and even humans!

The biggest animal they eat are water buffalo.


Saltwater crocodiles lay 25-90 eggs. They build a mound above the water to protect their eggs. Only 1% of crocodile eggs will live to be adults! This is because they get killed by predators and other male crocs. After the eggs have hatched, the mother takes the babies to the water in her mouth, the mom takes care of the babies for the next couple of months.