Key West's 5 Themes of Geography

By: Parker Gibson


The Southernmost Point Buoy, represents the relative location of Key West. On the buoy it reads "90 Miles to Cuba", there for the relative location of Key West is 90 miles to Cuba.


Key West is the last island in the line of the Florida Keys. The island attracts many tourists and party goers every year, and is a main destination during Spring Break and New Years.

Human Interaction

To get to Key West you must take the famous 7 Mile Bridge. The current bridge was re-built from 1978 to 1982. The purpose of the 7 Mile Bridge is to be able to access most of the Florida Keys. This is a major human modification, with out this bridge you would have to take a boat.


Florida is part of the Southeastern region of the U.S, particularly the Keys are at the very tip of Florida. Theoretically, if you could move states around I would put Florida by California, even though Florida is a "red" state there are parts of it that are very liberal (such as Key West), so I feel that it belongs with the other "liberal" states.


408,712 Cruise boat passengers arrived in Key West this year. The main movement towards Key West is tourism. With those tourist comes pollution from cruise boats and the large amounts of trash produced by the never ending parties, but with the constant movement and exchanging of cash, Key West is a major income of wealth.

Key West — Close to Perfect, Far From Normal