Local News Update

christian pizzuto

before the crash

Fifteen year-old Robie has always been told that she is lucky ,she’s lucky that she gets to live on the Midway Atoll with her National Geographic photographer friends and scientist parents, lucky she does not have to go to regular school or do regular homework, lucky that she gets the experience of growing up in a beautiful,tropical island. But she hasn’t really felt luck, she sees life on Midway as a great experience, but she’s over a thousand miles away from the closest stretch of civilization, she has barely any interaction with other kids her age, and the tiny atoll has just 4 TV channels, as well as a spotty phone and internet connection. So, when Robie gets the chance to spend the summer with her cool young Aunt AJ in Honolulu, she’s thrilled to spend time lounging by the pool, catching up on all the tv shows she’s missed, and getting her nose pierced without her parents around. When her aunt has to leave town for a week, Robie even manages to convince her to stay unattended in AJ’s condo......

in the ocean

Robie was wanting to get home.So she got onplane a surprise storm hits mid-flight, and everything goes wrong. The engine dies. The plane plummets. And even though she manages to miraculously survive the crash and get in an emergency life raft, she’s alone in the middle of the ocean with the gravely injured co-pilot, with no food and no water. And no one even knows she’s gone.