High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP)

Overview of 2021/2022 Tasks for students in Grade 12

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The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) has been a graduation requirement since 2009 and has specific requirements. A student’s HSBP is developed around three questions: Who am I? , What can I become?, and How do I become that? To answer these questions, beginning in grade 8 and continuing through grade 12, students will complete three career assessments, create a four-year course plan for high school, develop a résumé, and identify their career and educational goals.

Continue reading this newsletter or access the HSBP Schoology course (your student should already be enrolled) for directions on completing HSBP tasks.

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Students' HSBP Portfolio

As a reminder, Students' HSBP tasks are completed and stored in their HSBP portfolios. Students, please use this link to access your HSBP Portfolio: https://bit.ly/HSBPCompletion; use your Mukilteo School District login and password to access your portfolio.

In the Fall we will schedule time to meet with students in Grade 12 during their English classes.

Students that are not Scheduled in an English class at ACES, Kamiak, or Mariner can follow self-directed directions in the Class of 2022 HSBP Schoology Course, schedule an individual appointment with an HSBP Specialist, or attend an Grade 12 HSBP (Virtual) Presentation to complete their HSBP portfolio. Keep scrolling through this newsletter for Zoom Webinar times and links.

The completed HSBP portfolio is DUE September 18, 2021 for Running Start Students.

Check out this newsletter for information about the Grade 12 HSBP (Virtual) Presentations:


As a Reminder, These are the Required Elements of the HSBP

In order to receive a Mukilteo School District diploma, students will need to complete all of their HSBP portfolio tasks. The required elements of a completed HSBP portfolio are:

  • Identification of students' career goals using career interest inventories.
  • Identification of students' educational goals.
  • A four-year course plan with an individualized personalized pathway that fulfills graduation requirements and aligns with students' career and educational goals, with information about academic acceleration (RCW 28A.320.195), dual credit courses, Career and Technical Education programs, and graduation pathway options.
  • By the end of grade 12, a current résumé.
  • If students have not met standard on their state assessment (Smarter Balanced Assessment), this plan must include interventions and academic supports, additional courses, or both that will enable the student to meet the high school graduation requirements.
  • Identification of students' "Pathway to Graduation" and "Post Secondary Plan"
  • Evidence that student has received information on federal and state financial aid programs.


HSBP Tasks Seniors Should Already Have Complete

Grade 11 Tasks

In the Spring, the HSBP department assigned the following HSBP tasks to students in Grade 11:

  • Review the Financial Aid information
  • Personalized Pathway Requirement
    • Complete a Personalized Pathway if you are planning to earn less than 2 credits of World Language and/or less than 2 credits of Art (remember 1 credit of Art is required). Step-by-step directions for completing your PPR: https://bit.ly/3AdkJ90
  • Postsecondary Plans
    • What are your plans for after high school graduation? Let the HSBP department know by filling out the Postsecondary Plan- Personalized Pathway. To update your plans, click on the “Postsecondary Plans” link from the student Completion page in your HSBP portfolio, or use this direct link: http://bit.ly/HSBPPostHS
  • Update your contact information in the HSBP portfolio (this way we can connect with you about your HSBP completion).
  • Take the Interventions and Supports Survey
  • Make sure that you have taken all 3 Career Self-Assessment(s): Preference, Interests, Skills. To jump directly to the HSBP Career Self-Assessments, use this link: https://bit.ly/HSBPInterests

If you haven't completed these tasks, it's not too late! Students, jump into your HSBP portfolio and make sure that you are up to date on the completion of your Grade 11 HSBP tasks AND that you have take all 3 Career Self-Assessments.

  1. Log into your HSBP Portfolio, using your Mukilteo School District username and password.
  2. In the center of your Completion Status page, find the Self-Assessments section. If you have a green check mark next to an assessment, you do not need to retake it; we have a record of your responses.
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HSBP Tasks for Students in Grade 12

Below are the HSBP tasks that students in Grade 12 need to finish in order to

have a complete HSBP portfolio.

Grade 12 HSBP Task 1: Update Contact Your Information

Throughout the school year, the High School and Beyond Plan Department (HSBP) checks students' portfolios for task completion. Sometimes, especially for students in Grade 12, we need to be able to reach out to students (electronically or by phone) to ask about a task that may need to be updated in their HSBP portfolio. Students, please update your contact information by using this link to jump directly in to the Update Contact Form:

Class of 2023 (Grade 11): http://bit.ly/39c2V2W

Grade 12 HSBP Task 2:

Your Graduation Pathway and Postsecondary Plans must align with your Career & Educational Goals.

Graduation Pathway

  • Choose your Graduation Pathway. Click "Select", then click on the option that best matches your pathway. When choosing your Graduation Pathway you will indicate if you are planning for the “Career/Technical Field”, “General Post Secondary Education”, or “Military Enlistment”. For more information about Graduation Pathway options, please watch this video

Postsecondary Plans
  • What are your plans for after high school graduation? Let the HSBP department know by filling out the Postsecondary Plan- Personalized Pathway. To update your plans, click on the “Postsecondary Plans” link from the student Completion page in your HSBP portfolio, or use this direct link: http://bit.ly/HSBPPostHS

Grade 12 HSBP Task 3: Career & Educational Goals

Students, now that you have had the chance to take career interests and skills self assessments, and have some life experiences, it is time to reflect on your current career and educational plans. Please set your Career and Educational Goals in the HSBP Career Planner. This is a required element of your HSBP.

Before you start writing your goals, go back and look at your career research, career self-assessment results and/or go to the Career Planner to find careers that you are interested in.

Use the following prompt to write your Career Goal reflection:

  • What interests you about this career? Describe the education and training you will need to begin this career.

Use ONE of the following questions to write your Educational Goal reflection:

  • Tell a story from your life to describe an experience that demonstrates your character and that has helped you choose your post high school plans.
    (Does this question look familiar? This question is similar to one of the Coalition college application questions: https://www.coalitionforcollegeaccess.org/essays)


  • Tell us about the work-based skills and attitudes that you've gained while in high school that will help you with your post high school plans.

Follow these step-by-step directions for completing your Career and Educational Goals: https://bit.ly/3Ao1kCx

Grade 12 HSBP Task 4: Create a Résumé

A résumé is a good way to introduce yourself. You will usually need one if you are applying for a job, an internship, or scholarship, and one may be needed for a college application. A résumé summarizes who you are including, but not limited to your experience, what you can do, and your unique skills, talents, and leadership and/or athletic abilities. A students' High School & Beyond Plan must include a completed résumé by the end of 12th Grade.

To have a completed HSBP résumé, students will need to include the following sections in their résumé:

Tip: 100 resume verbs to use when writing your résumé

Students, follow these directions to get started on your résumé:

Get Started

  • Use the icons (to the right of the résumé subject area) to add your information.

You may use the résumé builder provided in the HSBP Portfolio system to build your résumé or upload a résumé, that includes all the required résumé sections, into your HSBP portfolio.

Directions to get started with building your résumé in your HSBP portfolio.

Once you complete your résumé in the HSBP portfolio, make sure to click on the "resumes" drop down tab and select "Print Resume" to download a copy for yourself.

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The HSBP Department is here to help!

Mariner HSBP Department

Ms. Savannah Powers

Mariner High School HSBP Specialist

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