Manga And Anime

By Dana Abbey

What is Manga & Anime Anyway ?

I wonder what is manga ? Well that's a hard question to answer ! But I think I've got it . Some answer in comics , some answer in artwork , some answer in animation , and so many others ! But which is correct ? Well they're all correct . Manga is a Japanese art form and can be really cool and intresting . Manga can come in many different art forms , but they can all be amazing .

Different Forms

Manga and Anime can be put in different forms . Most common forms are comic books and pieces of artwork , and tv shows . I've managed to make a piece of artwork and a comic with these easy steps ! And now you can too ! Look down below . Here's how you can make both a piece of artwork and a comic !

How to Make a Piece of Artwork

You're Finished !

Congrats! You've finished your artwork . Speaking of artwork , check out these cool manga Artists!

Akemi Takada

Shinji Nagashima

Adcahi Mitsuru

Shuho Sato

How to Make a Manga Comic

You're Finished !

Congrats , maybe you could be an author one day ! Check out some of these really cool manga !


Sailor Moon

Shugo Chara!

Mermaid Melody


Thanks for Watching!