11-8-13 (Vol. 12)

Walk-Through Observation Kudos!

  • Students know what they're learning and why - Most classrooms have objectives posted
  • Co-created materials on walls that students refer to to support learning
  • Technology is being used in transformative ways - Subtext, Edmodo, iMovie, Educreations, and so much more!
  • Wait time after questions
  • Active engagement with simultaneous involvement
  • Amazing writing; even amongst our most primary students!
  • Rigorous seat work in most rotations
  • Academic vocabulary being taught and used
  • Common Core being taught through math word problems, manipulatives, writing with evidence, students explaining their thinking and so much more
  • Differentiation and personalization
  • Collaboration and consistency with grade levels and school
  • Empowered, confident, and respectful students who are able to work independently and collaboratively
  • Teachers who are taking chances and teaching in really dynamic ways
  • And so much more! Way to go Solana Highlands!!!!

High Tides

  • Terry Decker - For the great Common Core presentation to Parents on Thursday evening. Great information!
  • Jo Hanes and Angie Tremble - For providing Google Drive instruction at our staff meeting. You both are amazing resources for our district.
  • Judy, Kathy, and Matt - For checking each parent to verify they are here at their scheduled time. Solana Highlands is so much more safe and secure with all of the measures we have taken since the Sandy Hook Tragedy.
  • Tracy Saunders - For having her class make cards to deliver to our Troops with all of our donated candy.
  • Hollis and Adrana - for producing DNN each week. Our students love it and benefit in many ways from this opportunity.
  • 4th Grade Team - For helping to get Lauren to work when her car wound not.
  • Kinder - For helping Debbie Otto out when she had to leave early due to sickness. Great teamwork!
  • Adriana Abelar - for giving the Speak-up Survey to all of our students. She even made a Keynote to help our Kinders take it.
  • Michelle Thompson - It was wonderful to see Michelle and her beautiful baby Gisselle
  • Susanna - Thank you for delivering the Candy to Emeritus!
  • Jessica - We can't wait to find out if you are having a boy or girl next week!


  • Happy Birthday Richard in Food Services!
  • Speak-Up Survey - it's that time of year again, to participate in the Project Tomorrow - Speak Up Survey. Please click on the attached link, click on "Educators," enter our zip code and school, and take the survey before Dec. 20. It will take between 15-20 minutes.Thank you so much for your participation!

  • Cabinet Meeting on Wednesday
  • Spirit Day on Friday - Beach Day

Have an Amazing Three-Day Veterans Day Weekend!

Who Am I?

  • I can play the saxophone
  • I've never been to Mexico
  • I've eaten snails
  • I was a Cub Scout
  • I've been to Africal

Answer: Coach Ryan Penton

Student Reflection:

Having students do some type of reflection at the end of the day is so important in cementing student learning. Plus, they are able to tell their parents what they learned when they went home.

Inspirational Video - What a Difference Good Teachers Make (Thank you Julie Norby for sharing)