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The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~Sydney J. Harris


You will receive an email that contains a link to a Smore titled Curriculum Update. It contains very important information that relates to instruction at Brown. Be sure to take note of this very important publication.

This is a friendly reminder about our staff dress code at Harvey Brown Elementary School. The campus has done a great job in the past but recently there have been numerous sightings that have resulted in this schoolwide reminder. Employees are welcomed to wear their HBE STAFF shirt with jeans on Mondays of each week. If school is closed, you may wear this attire on the following Tuesday. Fridays are spirit days and employees may wear jeans with an education related shirt. Jeans are only allowed on Mondays and Fridays. Professional dress is required on Tuesdays through Thursdays unless otherwise specified. Flip flops are never permitted, as they are a hazard.

If anyone has borrowed anything from the unoccupied rooms in the building, please put them back ASAP. There are several items that I placed in rooms for safe keeping that are missing and some of our employees have had their material moved without their permission. Let us continue to create a trustworthy environment among professionals.

An announcement will be made on Tuesday after announcements for students who are out of dress code and have inappropriate backpacks. Remember backpacks must be clear or mesh. The grace period has ended. Let's catch the issues early so that parents can make the necessary adjustments.

If you have not heard, we will be purchasing new computers and chairs this school year. Look for detailed information soon.

Common Assessments results should be ready to go! We will have student celebrations this Friday. All students, 1st-5th, who met standard and passed the common assessment with 70% or better, will meet in the appropriate pod for a special treat. Celebration times will be announced. Please send your count to Patricia by Tuesday morning.

Team Leaders will meet at 4:00pm on Wednesday to discuss upcoming events.