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Let There Be Light | Sid the Science Kid

Let There Be Light | Sid the Science Kid. This episode of Sid the Science Kid teaches students all about light and its sources. Sid and his friends discover that light comes from both natural sources--like the sun, and manmade sources--like flashlights and light bulbs.

PreK-1. PBS LearningMedia.

Lost and Spaced | The Electric Company

Lost and Spaced | The Electric Company. At the school science fair, Lisa and her Skeleckian friend Dax get shrunk down and trapped inside their project - a perfect model of the solar system! Explore the vocabulary words solar system, enlarge, constellation and atmosphere.

K-3. PBS LearningMedia.

Mission: Solar System

Mission: Solar System. Mission: Solar System is a transmedia project between NASA and WGBH’s Design Squad Nation, celebrating NASA’s Year of the Solar System. The project’s videos and hands-on engineering design challenges focus on the science and engineering involved in exploring our astronomical neighborhood. It provides kids in grades 3 to 8 with opportunities to use STEM to solve engineering design challenges related to exploring the solar system and increases their understanding of space exploration and engineering careers.

3-8. PBS LearningMedia.

Neil Armstrong | PBS World Explorers

Neil Armstrong | PBS World Explorers. Neil Armstrong was the leader of mankind's first mission to the moon, and the first to set foot on its surface. His words, "That's one small step for man... One giant leap for mankind," are now world famous.

4-8. PBS LearningMedia.

Is There Life on Mars? | The Advanced Apes

Is There Life on Mars? | The Advanced Apes. Mars has played a prominent role in the history of science, but how can we be sure what life the "Red Planet" may reveal? As our technology has improved, we have been able to start answering these questions. But there are still more mysteries to discover and more exciting missions ahead of us... including the potential for a new home away from home.

4-12. PBS LearningMedia.

Space Junk | Stem In 30

Space Junk | Stem In 30. Learn how "space junk" debris can cause such big problems for astronomers and rocket scientists. Researchers use mathematic models to understand patterns and trends in tracking these small objects still floating in orbit — and to better understand how something so small can cause so much damage out in space!

5-8. PBS LearningMedia.

Solar Spotting

Solar Spotting. Using the Swedish Solar Telescope, a ground-based observatory, Goran Scharmer and colleagues probe the penumbra--that's the stringy structure around the perimeter of the dark part of the sunspot. The images give scientists new insight into how that structure forms.

6-12. PBS LearningMedia.

How Big is the Solar System? | It's Okay to be Smart | PBS Digital Studios

How Big is the Solar System? | It's Okay to be Smart | PBS Digital Studios. It's Okay to be Smart takes a trip to one of Austin's famous moontowers so we can see the enormity of our solar system. With the help of a grapefruit, and a lot of walking, you'll get an idea of just how tiny everything is in the enormity of space.

6-12. PBS LearningMedia.

Life Beyond the Solar System

Life Beyond the Solar System. In this video excerpt from NOVA, learn how the Hubble Space Telescope is being used to find dense disks of dust and gas particles forming around new stars like our Sun. These gas and dust particles may one day collide and clump together to form new planets and moons in a process similar to how the planets in our solar system could have formed. In activity seven from the Education Collection that accompanies this video, students observe four demonstrations of different techniques used in the search for life.

6-12. PBS LearningMedia.

Humanity from Space

Humanity from Space. Follow humanity's journey from humble hunter-gatherers to earth's most dominant species. Humanity From Space uses cutting-edge data and CGI to visualize some of humanity's greatest innovations.

9-12. PBS LearningMedia.

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Space Shuttle Discovery | NASA Missions and Milestones in Space Flight

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