Deborah Alessi

Face Forward

Reconstructing a new life for the victims of domestic violence

Women and children who have undergone domestic or gang violence require a lot of help from all avenues possible. There are so many things involved in giving the victims a new chance at survival. It is not just about reconstructive surgery, but there is so much more to getting a healthy life back together. In all of the cases that we have dealt with, the patients usually require therapy to be able to overcome the trauma. It gets worse for the young children who go through such ordeals because at their age some of these memories last a lifetime.

Face Forward today offers reconstructive surgery for the victims of domestic and gang related violence. The costs incurred in procuring some of these operations are very prohibitive, and in most cases the victims are not able to handle these on their own. Instead of seeing them die because they cannot have access to the surgical operations that they need, we give them a chance to see the light of day. You do not know happiness until you see the smile on the face of a woman who has seen the worst of violence in the home, at the hands of the man she loves.

The most disturbing thing that we have to live with is that some of the abusive scars last forever, and we cannot just wipe them out of our memory in an instant. Traumatic experiences like these usually turn someone’s life upside down and this is one of the main reasons why we strive to protect those that we can.

We have since strived to get a team of professionals who can handle the victims with the delicate care that they need and deserve in order to make it possible for them to live a new life. Recovering from some of the traumatic experiences takes a long time, and we walk all the way with the victims so that they can build their lives again.

Many are the victims who have given up on all hope of ever having a good life or being able to rebuild their lives ever again. We understand the trauma and we understand that it takes time and patience. Step by step we have taken the women and children from the brunt of violence to a new path in life and it fills us with pride when we see them make significant progress on their way to recovery.

Deborah Alessi is the founder of Face Forward community, a nonprofit organization; our mission is to provide physical and emotional reconstruction for women and children who have been Victims of violence.for more information visit us