The Department of Justice

By Katrin Hildum


The Head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) is the Attorney General. The current Attorney General is Eric Holder. He was sworn in on February 3,2013 By Joe Biden. He is the first Attorney General who is an African American.


The main job of the DOJ is to "Bring Justice in all forms to this country." David W. Ogden

The department of Justice does many things to try and bring the crime rate down. Mostly they deal with crimes that affect a majority of the population. Two other Jobs are represent the United States in court and figure out ways bring the crime rate down by trying to get more police on the streets and showing people that if you do bad things you will be caught.

Their Role

The main role is to bring justice in any way possible. The Attorney General is often requested to give advice on matters of grave importance to the presidents and other heads in the executive branch. A question the president might ask the Attorney General is how to address a certain crowd without causeing legal controversy.

7th in Line

The Attorney General is 7th in line for the presidency if the president were to die in office


The department of justice deals with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI protects us against terrorist attacks, foreign intelligence, and cyber attacks just to name a few.

Current topic

One of the many issues that the DOJ is currently dealing with is the investigation of a prison in Pittsburgh P.A. that had many security issues. Seven employees were charged with sexual assault of vulnerable inmates. The new policies help to protect gay and transgender prisoners from harm and discrimination.