Your Sunshine Girl

Fun Facts:

- I hate hamburgers, like I will not eat them. At all.

- I absolutely LOVE reading.

- I have a major obsession with Kiera Cass (author of The Selection Series)

- I dance, a lot.

Favorite Color

Yellow, oh and red is nice too.

Favorite Classes

Journalism, English and Housing/Interior Design

I like really random things too so don't judge.

- I love sunsets


-The sounds trees make when the wind rustles the wind

-Flowers in vases (I don't know, I just think they are pretty.)

-Cherry Cola Tic Tacs

Why I Chose You

I chose you because you are you. You never let me slack off and you always pushed me to go that extra mile and to reach my full potential and I am so grateful for that. You were a God sent and you came right when I needed you. I always knew that I could come to you with any issue and I know that you will always be there. I am glad that you are in my life and I will be forever grateful for you.

Oh and My Name Might Be Kinda Important

Your Sunshine Girl is Izzy Myszak.