Welcome to Week 5

This week you'll be focusing on...

Proofreading. The lecture this week will walk you through the concept of proofreading and discuss the importance of this practice. You will also be working on the rough draft of your final essay.

In addition to the rough draft, you will need to complete a reflection and a quiz on the portfolio project grading rubric. This quiz will help ensure you understand what is expected of you in the final project so be sure you review the rubric carefully as it really does help you meet the expectations.

For your discussion...

Your rough draft is due this week and will serve as the content for your discussion post. Be sure you post early as the goal of this activity is for you to receive feedback on your document early enough to make any changes you might want before the final draft is due in Week 7. You need to make sure you meet all the standard discussion requirements, so allocate your time wisely.

Don't fall into the trap many students do: please don't post your draft at 11:00 on Saturday night as you will likely no receive any feedback from your classmates. The goal is for you to post early so your writing can be critiqued by your peers in an effort to help you submit the best essay possible. If you wait until the last minute, you are robbing your classmates of the opportunity to post on your document and meet their discussion requirements, AND you're denying yourself valuable guidance you can use to make your document the best it can be.

To get you started

I found this video on peer editing on Youtube. I hope it helps you start thinking about the ways in which you can provide constructive, helpful feedback you and your peers can use in the process of developing your essay.