Here Comes The Hurricane

By Maya Liston & Giovanna Bruni

What is a hurricane?

Have you ever heard of a Hurricane? A Hurricane is a storm with strong winds. The winds are rated 1-5. 1 is the weakest and 5 is the strongest. Hurricanes really start as tropical storms but if the winds speed picks up to 74 miles per hour it starts to turn in to a hurricane. When the ocean water is 80 degrees Fahrenheit a hurricane gets its energy .The high winds are from air spinning around in the eye [the middle] of a hurricane .Don't worry it will only go on for about 2 days long.

How To Stay Safe

If you are close to a hurricane stay INSIDE and have available food , drinking water, battery powered radio, and battery's incase you lose power. Also be sure to have any medication (if needed), and go to a BASEMENT.

Where Can You Find A Hurricane?

Hurricanes are found in tropical areas near any sea's or water. For a example the near Caribbean sea. They can also be found in North America, Southeast Asia , and the Gulf of Mexico. These places are tropical areas and have lots of water/ocean's nearby. These are places where hurricanes can be found in the world.