How Cool Is AVID!!!

Blake Shepard 1/13/15 Avid 6 7th grade

The first semester of Seventh grade!

This semester has been pretty good so far. Because I have struggled with my grades in the pass and now i have almost all A's this Six Weeks. This what AVID has done for me in my life this year. I want to stay with the AVID program in'till i graduate from High School and College. This is how I improved this Six Weeks.

AVID Strategies

The strategies that AVID showed me was using Cornell Notes,Tutorials,Binder Checks,etc.. The ones the have helped me the most where the ones that I just told you the keep me on track, help me focus in class, keep me organized, and just let me have a better experience in seventh grade. Plus they made my grades come up so high I can't even believe it that's just what AVID can do for you.

What AVID is!

Advanced via individual determination (AVID) is one of the best programs at school in my opinion. I mean look at my grades last year I had at least one C on every report card,but this year I have almost all A's that's pretty amazing if you ask me. So if anyone not in the AVID program you need to be it can really help you and if your friend says it doesn't and its to much work than that just means your lazy if you wont join cause of some hard work. To be successful in life

What AVID teaches!

It teaches you about using Cornell notes and what to do with them in class. They teach how to act and what to do when a test happens and you don't know what to do. They teach about tutorials and how to use there (TRF). Everything i'm telling you about i didn't even know how to do but now i can do them really well.

How AVID can help you in the run!

When you are in seventh grade like me you will probably have just started AVID like me. And in my opinion AVID will help you in the long run. Of course i can't tell you that my self, but why else would AVID be here without trying to help you.

My experience!

Well my experience with AVID has only been about a year and a half but I've done a lot. Like right now i have a 90 as my grade in AVID and it my seem hard but if you put a little hard work you could pass with an even higher grade than me.
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