Blair Brettschneider



Was founded in 2011, by Blair Brettschneider. It's goal is to help female refugees adjust to society in the us. Mentors help the girls with school, culture, and langue understanding. Blair founded this organization after working with a refugee that was struggling with fitting into society. She relished that there was more refugee girls that we're struggling, so GirlForward was made to help them.


They have a hard life, often fleeing their home country to get to safety in the US. Refugees have family and school responsibilities that they try to juggle. Often staying home to look after younger siblings means missing school. What makes it even harder is when the refugees have a hard time understanding English. That is why some refuges have a hard time learning. GirlForward was made to combat some of the difficulties refuges struggle with.


My entrepreneur was Ingvar Kamprad. The similarities between Blair and Ingvar are their care about people's needs, their drive to work hard, and their passion for what they do. Some differences are Blair's nonprofit organization, and Ingvar's business empire. Ingvar works for money, while Blair works to help people. Blair helps teenage girls, while Ingvar sells furniture to everyone. They have similarities, but differences too.
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