The Enlightenment & Great Awakening

Two Movements That Led the Colonies Toward Revolution

The Enlightenment & the Great Awakening

These two movements led American colonists to begin thinking for themselves and realizing that they were capable of leading themselves. The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening changed the colonists' beliefs about their society and their relationship with the Mother Country. They realized that they didn't require the Mother Country for survival and these movements changed their way of thinking about themselves and England.

The Great Awakening!

The Great Awakening was a religious movement that began in the late 1720s in England/Europe and spread to the American colonies by the early 1730s. Men like George Whitefield, Gilbert and William Tennent and others led a revival of religious fervor in the colonies over a period of 30 years.
The Great Awakening by Professor Jeffry Morrison
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