Problem Solving with Others

Victoria, Peter, and Ashley

What's the Problem?

Earlier today a boy bought a candy bar and drink from the convenient store. The cashier accidentally gave him $50 back in change instead of $5. He didn't notice the mistake until he got home. He could really use that money for a new pair of shoes he's been wanting forever. What should the boy do?

Step 1

The boy should tell his parents about what happened. This way they can help him sort it out.

Step 2

After talking to his parents the best decision would be to return to the store and tell the cashier what happened and return the money.

Step 3

The boy should find a better way to earn money to buy the new shoes he wants.


The boy returns the money to the store realizing that keeping it would be wrong. He came to this conclusion through working with his parents. He has also decided to try and earn extra money for the shoes he wants.