Robotics engineer


About The Job

Jobs description: Robotic engineers can design special equipment ranging anywhere from a machine capable of disarming bombs to making your Gyro helicopter that you couldn't live without.

Beneficial To Your Society

You see robotics in every day life, it may not be C3P0 or your R2D2 but it could just be the ATM your mom stops to get her money out of the bank before you get dropped off at school it could even be in your car!

Education and requirements

You must have a bachelors degree in physics, chemistry, geometry, algebra II, and calculus. Remember that this all varies on what kind of robotics you want to get in to.

Personality and key facts about the job

To be a robotic engineer you have to have a creative mind so that when you are brought and idea you can add other cool ideas with it and not be stuck on trying to figure out what you should add or what the best design is for what it is going to be used for.

Annual salary and job growth

The US average wage is around 45,230$ a year

The average job growth is around 3%-6%

Companies that are looking for you

Some of the companies or organizations looking for people like you are the Military,General Motors, John Deer, & Jet Propulsion Laboratory