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Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton The fun from the 20s

Buster Keaton was not only known as a movie director but as a author as well. He wrote many books, a few named "The General" and "Sherlock Jr.". He was widely known as "The Great Stone Face" for his silent films of comedy.

Movie Career

Buster Keaton was known as an author and director. He was most widely known as a movie maker. He has made many movies ranging from comedy to romance. His main genre was comedy.

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What was he

He was the physical comedian of the 20s and loved making people laugh.

The Great Buster Keaton

Fun times without liquor

During the 1920s people wanted to have fun. The 18th amendment was still in act so alcohol was out of the equation. Jazz rose, making African Americans popular and breaking the unstable wall of segregation Comedy also played a role in the 20s, the comedians would get paid well and enjoyed the smiles there costumers gave after there performance.

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Buster Keaton

Dates of life and death

Buster Keaton was born October 4, 1895

Keaton's sad death occurred February 1st, 1966

He lived to the age of 70.