Gods and generals

Meanwhile, Chamberlain makes his transition from teacher to military officer and practices drilling his soldiers, and is taught military tactics by Col. Adelbert Ames, the commander of the 20th Main Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He is called to battle at the Union invasion of Fredericksburg. The southern forces lead a fighting retreat as the Union army crosses the river and storms the town, and there are scenes of the subsequent looting of Fredricksburg by the Union Army. Outside the city, Lee, Longsttreet and Jackson have prepared an elaborate defense on Mary's Hieghts outside the town, and the movie focuses on Confederate defenses behind a formidable stone wall. Several Union Brigades, including the Irish Brigade, attempt to cross an open field and attack the wall, but are thrown back with heavy losses by confederate rifle and artillery fire. At one point, two Irish units are forced into battle against one another, to the anguish of a southern Irishman who believes he is killing his kin. Chamberlain leads an unsuccessful attack against Jackson's defenses, led by Brig. Gen. Armistead and finds his unit pinned down in the open field. He survives by shielding himself with a corpse until nightfall; eventually he and surviving members of 20th Maine are ordered to retreat and spend 2 nights in the field on the battlefield, sleeping with the dead. Chamberlain and the defeated Union soldiers depart Fredericksburg. Jackson and Lee return to the city, and Lee is confronted by an angry senior citizen whose house has been destroyed by Union artillery.


in the battle of little round top chamberlain held the hill through all the forces of the confederate army, Chamberlain and his men faught until they had no ammunition so CHamberlainn ordered a bayonet charge and ran down the hill when the battle was over chamberlainand his men rest up until they are told that they are being relieved and are going to the center of the vally were no fighting had taken place until the third day then gen. lee orders a full out attack straight on the center of the unions line because he thinks its the weakest but he is wrong.


Shaw was an officer in the Federal Army during the American Civil War who volunteered to lead the first company of black soldiers. Shaw was forced to deal with the prejudices of both the enemy (who had orders to kill commanding officers of blacks), and of his own fellow officers.

After shaw gets the soldiers uniforms shoes and socks they began to train for battle hoping that they will see action atleast once but nobody lets them go and actually fight until The 54th leads the charge on the fort and heavy casualties ensue on the beach as artillery fire smashes through the ranks. As night falls the bombardment continues and no progress can be made. Shaw attempts to urge the men forward, but is shot several times and killed. Stunned, the soldiers stay where they are until Trip lifts up the flag and rallies the soldiers to continue on. He is shot several times while doing so, but holds up the flag to his last breath. Forbes takes charge of the regiment, and they are able to break through the fort's outer defenses, but find themselves greatly outnumbered once they are inside. The morning after the battle, we see the beach littered with bodies as the Confederate flag is raised over the fort. As the corpses are buried in a mass grave, Shaw and Trip's bodies fall next to each other.


lincoln is trying to end the war with peace for both sides and he is trying to pass the thirteenth admendment but is not having any luck because all the southern state owners and deligates own slaves and do not want to free them and argue that all slaves free at once would cause problems so lincoln send around men trying to recruit new republicans to vote and pass the thirteenth admendment lincolns sons are both very close to him but his oldest wants to join the army but Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln doesnt want him to and the youngest is on the inside and gets to see his father go through stress and pain until he is at a theater watching a play and a sombody stops the play and yells the president has been shot right after the war had ended and the thirteenth admendment was passed.

my take away

all these movies are great to watch there a great way to see our history but what i take away from all these movies is seeing how much our country fought to be the way it is today it shows the struggles that we went therough to become the nation we are today without these battles and these actions our lives would be completly diffrent today