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February 28, 1953

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The Discovery Of The Genes Shape

On this day James Watson a graduate from The University of Chicago and Indiana University discovered the structure of DNA. He discovered that DNA is shaped like a double ladder or double helix. Him and his partner Francis crick after years of searching finally found it.

Joseph Stalin dies

Thursday, March 5th 1953 at 9:30am

USSR, Moscow, Russia


The Soviet Communist leader and head of the USSR has died at the age of 75. On the night of March 4th he laid down to sleep but did not awake the next morning. As the guards walk in to check on the leader he lies there motionless dead.

The Underdog Lions Are Superbowl Champs!!

The 21st annual Championship game was held at Briggs Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. The defending Champion Detroit lions defeat the Cleveland Browns by one point (17-16). With Four minutes left in the game the Browns led the Lions 16-10. The lions get the ball on their own 20 yard line and drive 80 yards in eight plays led by quarterback Bobby Layne. The winning touchdown comes from the arm of Bobby layne on a 33 yard pass to Jim Doran. The Detroit Lions are champs once again.

GM Introduces the First Sports Car

On January 17th GM introduces the first American sports car. GM shows off the two-seater Corvette at the annual NYC motorama show at Waldorf-Astoria. The stylish Corvette was painted polo white and had sportsmen red interior. The car is not supposed to become available to the public until June 30th.